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Phenomenal, heart breaking. You have fantastic talent, your art brought a tear to my eye.

Fantastic work, that song was astounding. You gotta put that up on iTunes or make it available for download, it was so beautiful.

Loved it.

For those that didn't catch what the characters were saying:

Calamity: Kitty, why do we have to wear these coats?

Kitty: It's snowing and it's cold out.

Calamity: It's so girly, why do they have to have poppies on them?

Kitty: Reptiles are backwards...

Calamity is a girl lizard complaining that the coat is girly, while Quetzalcoatl, the silent yellow snake, is a boy and not complaining about the coat being girly.

Ergo: "Reptiles are backwards..."

That about right, Warlord-of-Noodles?

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Warlord-of-Noodles responds:

That is (kind of) part of it. A secondary thing informing(and foreshadowing) the characters, not exactly the joke itself. The main joke has yet to be guessed and is a Science and Literature(or media) joke.

This isn't Youtube, don't rip content from television, movies, or other peoples work and upload it here.

Aleksandr12 responds:

I wasn't uploading it for anything, I was just testing out movie uploading.
I was going to take it down.


Shouldn't Link have a red tunic? I mean he is in Death Mountain...
Other than that, Bravo. Very smooth.

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Liar Life

Unique. I like it, and it's very hypnotic imao... Oh and for those want to know what the runes in Cloud Eater say its: Liar Life, and Humans are worthless.

(Finally some random knowledge paid off :3)

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;B Just hypnotizing

Funny, the Jazz version on weebls-stuff should be posted here, too!


I actually work at Wal-mart and when I heard that they started selling caskets I was all WTF! NOW I KNOW, YOU HAVE OPENED MY EYES!

Also, Cartman's song... FTW!

Pretty Good...

I don't know if it was just me, but I had to Right-Click Play to advance through the text, and the the crying babies in the beginning was annoying. Ultimately, if you fix the text advancement issue I'm sure you'll be getting more positive reviews.

Although, I enjoyed the plot allot. Keep up the good work!

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Link2370 responds:

Did you press space?

O.o brilliant

Loved it, faved it, superb work. 10/10 5/5

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naysu responds:

hey thankyou very much :D!

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